“Right from the start Elizabeth dove into who we were as an organization and why we thought we were so special. After a few days of conversation and a lot of reading on our site, Elizabeth came to me with a distribution plan complete with a summary of the channels we would use to get our message out. I was blown away. With very little direction she had not only assembled a comprehensive plan, but a very good one. Since that time we have been published hundreds of times - which have led to numerous speaking engagements, opened doors, article contributions, and ultimately, conversations. Which was after-all the goal we set out to achieve. With her help we have gone from an unknown startup to a respected leader within the Marketing Automation space. We have even used her writing expertise to assemble content, which continues to be some of the most highly downloaded material on our website.

Elizabeth’s knowledge of the CRM space coupled with her ability to find the value proposition and communicate it clearly with minimal direction makes her a valuable component of our go-to-market strategy. Elizabeth is professional, thorough, detail driven, results oriented and possesses excellent writing skills. I recommend her highly to anyone looking to increase exposure and awareness around their organization."

- Justin Gray, CEO, LeadMD

“Elizabeth is a genius and better than any PR company around. She has spent time cultivating strategic relationships by being genuine to her colleagues & clients. Elizabeth has been a tremendous asset to me in jump starting the CRM Association in Atlanta. I know I can turn to her for advice & assistance and receive quality feedback. She is an awesome individual and worth her weight in gold.”

- Art Hall, President CRMA-Atlanta

"thE Connection has polished our company image and given us the tools to reach our potential hospitality clients. Elizabeth's personal and professional touch has set us apart from our competition in an exciting way. We highly recommend her services."

- Angelique Jackson, Principal JANCIK ARTS INTERNATIONAL, INC.

"Passion is what sets Elizabeth apart from most PR professionals. She has represented my company as an employee and as an independent PR consultant and she has always done so with passion. Media people tell me they respect her intelligence, tenacity and consistent follow through. She doesn't waste their time and only pitches stories that are newsworthy. Getting media coverage is often very subjective and reporters prefer to work with people they like. Elizabeth is easy to like."

- Richard Brock, CEO FirstWave

"thE Connection is flat out the best PR Company for my investment that I have ever worked with. I should know, I have worked with dozens over the years. I have hired them three separate times over the past several years to support important start-up initiatives and always look forward to the opportunity to work together again."

- Bruce Culbert, CEO, iSymmetry and Managing Partner, BPT Partners

"Elizabeth Fairleigh is one of the best PR professionals I have ever worked with. She is very knowledgeable about marketing, sales and CRM, and she always understands exactly what I need to write an impactful story. I always know that when I contact Elizabeth, she will identify the most ideal source for my article. Regardless of the client she connects me with, it’s always a productive conversation for everyone involved. Elizabeth and I first worked together when I was an on-staff writer. When I began my freelancing career, she was one of the first people I reconnected with. I recommend Elizabeth to companies looking for caring and intelligent representation. They won’t be disappointed."

- Marji McClure Freelance writer

"Elizabeth was not only thoroughly helpful and conscientious in putting me together with her clients, but she made the time and effort to connect on a human level, which I've always appreciated. I've found her to be committed and dedicated to her clients' interests, but never at the expense of mine, which is an unfortunately rare commodity in our business. More to the point, I trust her when she says she has a pitch that might be of interest to me—a priceless trait. I recommend her highly."

- Josh Weinberger, Managing Editor, CRM Magazine

"Without a doubt, Elizabeth is one of the best - and I'd say THE best - publicists in CRM/Sales/Marketing arena. She's also incredibly detail- and results-oriented. Last but not least, she's just a terrific person to work with. If the goal is to drive visibility, I can't recommend her highly enough."

- Chris Selland, President Reservoir Partners/Former, Yankee Group Analyst

"Elizabeth is proactive, tenacious and knows what it takes to generate results. We relied heavily on her PR efforts to create and maintain brand awareness and I highly recommend her to companies, entrepreneurs and senior executives who are looking to increase their profile in the United States, particularly in marketing, CRM and related areas."

- Naras V. Eechambadi, Ph.D., CEO, Quaero

"I've been VP Marketing in two companies now, and Elizabeth has worked with me in both jobs -- she is absolutely outstanding and an invaluable marketing resource. I cannot recommend her services highly enough. She has generated more quality publicity for my companies than from any other marketing initiative I've tried."

- Tim Sullivan, VP Product Development, SPI

"Elizabeth worked with our firm for more than three years and exceeded our expectations on a consistent basis. One of her unique qualities is her ability to focus on the key aspects of PR that make real and tangible differences. She helped transform SPI from a training company to a highly recognizable sales performance and sales consulting firm.

Elizabeth has been a valuable resource to me in my role as Chairman and Senior Managing Partner of the firm. I found her working style and collaborative approach very beneficial. I strongly recommend her and would gladly hire her again in the future."

- Keith M. Eades, Chairman, Senior Managing Partner, SPI



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